The Bachelor's Survival Guide

A cooking handbook with easy visual instructions for beginners, inspired by camping handbooks and military field guides. Designed with young men in mind, The Bachelor’s Survival Guide uses a series of icons and illustrations rather than large bodies of text to convey instructions on simple recipes.

Many young men are beginning to live on their own and realizing they lack many essential domestic skills, including basic cooking skills. This handbook serves as an introduction to cooking by using detailed illustrations and icons rather than large bodies of text to give instructions on simple recipes.
Most young men eventually live on their own for a time, and soon realize they lack many essential domestic skills—especially basic cooking skills. Current resources are overwhelmingly text-based and typically target women. Those targeting men tend to be hypermasculine, pandering, and poorly designed.
Young men moving out of their parents' homes and college graduates that have decided they want to make food for themselves and are looking for a quick and easy introduction to cooking. They want a cookbook that appeals to them as beginners, but don't want anything excessively feminine or overtly masculine.
A cooking handbook with easy, visual instructions for beginners. Inspired by camping handbooks and military field guides, it's ready to be opened and referenced at a moment's notice, and its form evokes a stoic identity that anyone should feel comfortable with using.
Icons List Only What Utensils You Need
An introductory segment of the book serves both as a tutorial for various vocabulary and proper cooking skills, as well as an introduction to the icons and illustrations that will be used throughout the book.
A Field Guide For The Kitchen
The dynamic layout contrasts with the structured look and feel of the rest of the brand. Like the field guides and army manuals that inspired them, these illustrations provide the user with quick, at-a-glance information that is easily reproduced in real life.
Step-by-Step Recipes
Similiar to the handbooks that inspired them, the recipes provide visuals for quick reference that can be used by themselves or with the corresponding written instructions, as indicated by the numbered list.
Page Navigation by Difficulty
Color-coded corners indicate the difficulty of a recipe, so users can quickly find recipes according to their skill level.
Visual Aids Simplify Requirements
While a difficult recipe may seem intimidating at first, the info panel always shows only what you need: reducing unnecessary kitchen clutter and instilling confidence in new and intermediate cooks alike.
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